Who We Are?

Extraordinary Experiences

Coral Coast Tours was first established in Coral Bay in 2000.

Graham’s interest in the wildlife grew with each holiday and his knowledge of local birds, marine life and fauna has proved to be invaluable for tours. Graham then started to work on boat tours part-time in Coral Bay with the vision to include a boat tour in the expansion of the business.

By 2003 Graham Qualified as a Coxswain and was skippering for the local dive shop and caravan park boat with tours ranging from manta rays to whale watching. 

In March 2005 he qualified for Master 5 skipper.

Karen has worked in the marketing/advertising industry for 20 years before moving to Coral Bay. In the last ten years, 8 spent in sales with various tour operators proving that she is a great tourism salesperson by becoming the shop manager for the company she worked for, as Coral Coast Tours did not have their shop but relied on other agencies. Karen has a great reputation for matching people to the right tour and has built up a clientele of return customers.

In 2011 we expanded our business with a successful application to take our snorkel tours from on shore, to offshore in our vessel Aqua Rush.

Çoral Coast Tours offers Land and Sea Adventures with 4 land-based and 3 boat tours. With wildlife, marine life and endless scenery as the backdrop for Coral Coast Tours you are sure to be amazed.

Graham’s background in birds and wildlife watching is sure to be helpful in spotting some of the most exciting sightings this area has to offer, his local knowledge, area history & Australian humour will keep you entertained throughout your tour!

In 2015 June we added the Off Road RUSH tours Can-Am Commander buggies but have now discontinued our local 4X4 tours around Coral Bay.

In 2018, we added Jet Trek Tours. Have updated the side-by-side 2 and 4 seaters Dune Buggies to CFMoto Z1000

In 2023, we swap two buggies 2-seater for two buggies 4-seaters to accommodate more families.  

Now 2024 we keep our focus on the quality services of our two tours the Jet Treks and Off Road Rush.